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Rope access, decking systems and rescue

Industrial access

Rope access is a form of abseiling used in industry that enables our engineers to access hard to reach places and work safely at height. We deliver a wide range of services including NDT inspections, surveys, repair and maintenance, on many structures that would otherwise be inaccessible.

As an IRATA member operator and trainer, C&D Access provide rope access technicians for both offshore and onshore requirements worldwide, enabling us to support our customers requirements from simple rigging, inspection activities through to fabrication and installation work scopes. 

Our rope access services are supported by our Total Management System ensuring that every element of our operation is planned, managed and conducted safely. 

Safety cover and confined space rescue

We understand the dangers involved when working at height or within confined spaces. We provide safety cover and emergency rescue. 

Decking systems

We use an innovative decking system with a proven track record of time and cost savings. The system replaced traditional scaffolding, providing a safe working platform that can suit almost any shape or size application including under deck work scopes. 

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